Monday, April 04, 2005

De Loach 2000 Merlot

De LoachIf you happen to live in a city that’s been showing Sideways, the award-winning movie that includes some rather negative shots at Merlot, then you’re bound to have encountered at least one friend or acquaintance making some snide comment about Merlot to parrot the remarks in the movie. The press has picked up on this as well and made it a point to write about either Merlot or Pinot Noir. In fact, here’s a pretty recent article from the Seattle Times on the subject of both the movie and merlots. It includes some recommendations as well.

So I’m no exception to this and feel like I might as well write something about one or the other too. I have several Pinot Noirs on the rack and will undoubtedly write about some of those, but in an effort to boost the economy and spirits of the poor merlot, tonight I’m having some 2000 De Loach “Estate Bottled” merlot from the Russian River Valley.

The wine maker's notes about the wine can be found here. Personally I found this wine to be fairly forgettable. It’s easy going enough and quite drinkable but there’s just not much too it. A nice dark cherry color, it sports some light oak and just a hint of green pepper taste. Not much mouth feel nor finish. In your store, you may be finding the 2002 vintage rather than the 2000. At Tuscany Market in Austin, they had both vintages and they recommended the 2000 over the 2002. It’s unlikely that I’ll go out and get another of these soon, so if you’ve had the 2002 feel free to add a comment.

$22 at Tuscany Market in NW Austin.
For the money I’m wishing for more.


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