Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel 2003

Bogle ZinBogle wines are readily available at just about any place that sells more than a few wines here in the Austin area. Though, I don't always find their Old Vine Zinfandel. In this case, this Zinfandel was recommended by the wine buyer at the HEB grocery store at Plaza Volente in Austin. I've had the Bogle Petite Sirah before and thought it was a pretty tasty wine for the price, so I figured this Zinfandel would be worth a shot.

Generally, I enjoyed this wine. It's a pleasant looking deep, dark ruby color as would be expected for a Zin. Not much aroma, but it's immediately spicy and fruity on the tongue. The blackberry and blueberry highlighted by the winemaker's notes are there, but not too well defined. Medium finish that at first I didn't find too pleasant, but after letting it sit and open up a bit longer, it grew on me. I found it a bit better than average for the price point if you like spicy, fruity Zins.

About $11. I paid $11.49.


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