Saturday, March 26, 2005

Let's all try some wine

I generally have a couple different wines every week. As I noted in my description of this blog, some are good, some turn out not so good and some are simply great. Sometimes I try one based on a tasting and that's always the best way to go. But of course there are only so many tastings and only so much time to attend them. Often I just pick a region or varietal that I like and head for the vast shelves of wine in the local stores. The variety is staggering. My selection often ends up fairly arbitrary.

Perhaps you end up making the same arbitrary choices. Thus was born the idea that perhaps I should simply record what I encounter and occasionally someone in the blogosphere might benefit from my experience - such as it is.

In general, what you'll find here will not be really exotic descriptions of wines. For the life of me, I have yet to figure out the secret to coming up with phrases like: "hints of fruit blossoms and lemongrass, .... seasoned with nuanes of peppercorns..." and on and on. I'll describe what I can but often I might just say "it's good" and qualify it as best I can or forward you to some other web site that seeks to describe the sensory experience more elaborately. In general, I'll try to use terminology like that described by this wine lexicon page or this article.

Along the way, you'll find that at this point, I tend to spend the bulk of my time seeking out New World wines that come from what I'll call the Pacific ring of fire. In other words, the west coast of the US and Canada, the west coast of South America, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Technically, Australia would not be considered part of the true geographic "ring of fire" but I lump it in when I consider the wines I prefer to explore at this particular point.


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