Sunday, April 03, 2005

Re: "Wines To Drink...Not Write About"

I had to laugh a little. I just started writing this blog - mostly because I've got a bit more free time right now than I usually do and it seemed like it might be fun just to keep a journal of various wines I try - and then I stumble upon the post on the "Fermentations" blog. Apparently it's pointless to write about "supermarket wines". Honestly, this is why a lot of people think of wine as snobbish. Never mind that Central Market and Whole Foods are about the best places in this metro area of a million+ people to buy any wine and that thus 99% of any wine purchased around here probably comes from supermarkets.

I would hazard another guess too: that well over half of all those wine buyers that are buying wines in supermarkets are choosing the bottle based on the attractiveness of the label and nothing else. At a minimum, it seems worthwhile to at least point people in the direction of something you found to be reasonably good. So personally, it seems worthwhile to jot a few notes and comments about them - even if I'm the only one that ultimately refers to them. Hopefully though, someone that reads this might actually find a recommendation worthwhile.

Ok, so having said all that. I'll have to agree at least in part that it makes sense to me to not to drone on at any length about any of the wines I buy on a regular basis. I mean come on, it's a bottle of wine after all. That's why what I'll write here will generally get to the point pretty quickly.


At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Tom said...


You're point is well taken. I wouldn't suggest that there is no merit at all in writing about those $7 "supermarket wines." There is value in that. My point was that after a while, these wines will generally fail to inspire really interesting thoughts and ideas.

Good blog...Keep it up. I'll get you linked up over at Fermentations asap.


At 5:13 PM, Blogger chas said...

Thanks for chiming in Tom. Ultimately it all depends on how we define a "supermarket" wine. And I think you're right, there's no point in writing about most anything I find on the "bottom shelf" at the store, at least unless there's some personal relevance or something.

I enjoy your blog and will add a link to my site.


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