Tuesday, August 09, 2005

WBW #12 'Drink Local' - Flat Creek Super Texan 2003

2003 Super Texan

It’s time once again for another Wine Blogging Wednesday. This month’s theme comes from the host of LENNDEVOURS, and he asks us to ‘drink local’. So of course that means I would need to search out a Texas wine.    

There are a lot of Texas wines, but if I want to follow this month’s rules, I believe the one that’s closest to me is Flat Creek. And specifically because of that, I chose Flat Creek’s 2003 “Super Texan” Sangiovese.

The “Super Texan” comes from the Helen’s Block vineyard at Flat Creek Estate. Follow the link to read more about Helen’s Block – planted as recently as 2000.

By my calculations, as the crow flies, Flat Creek Winery is less than 15 miles away. Though despite that, with Lake Travis between here and there, the drive there is actually quite a bit longer. This relative short distance makes it all the more bizarre how difficult it was to actually find & buy a bottle of this wine. If I’d had the time, it would have been a lot more fun to drive out there over the weekend, but that didn’t work out so I just assumed I could pick up a bottle down the street. Not so. HEB didn’t have Flat Creek, nor did Twin Liquors. Same for the nearby Randals. World Market had an empty spot for it and they were all out! Finally, Grapevine Market – yes, I got the last one off the shelf of this one! 

And the wine? Excellent. The wine is a Sangiovese, light in color, medium bodied with a wonderful aroma and taste of blackberry and cherry fruit. “Double Gold” winner at the 2005 SF wine competition.

Flat Creek is a great place to visit as well. Haven’t been out there this year, but it’s a great drive out on the curvy 1431 past Lago Vista to the winery. If you can’t visit, or can’t find it locally (likely), then try ordering it for delivery.  

Around $16 (found at GrapeVine Mkt)
 very good. Light body, blackberry & cherry fruit. Excellent along with the tenerloin filet I grilled.

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