Sunday, July 31, 2005

Clayton 2001 Zinfandel

Clayton Zin 2001

Back in May I had tried the 2000 Clayton Zinfandel. It was interesting at best. I ended up dumping most of it though, so not a favorite. I also happened to have a 2001 of the Clayton Zin on the rack and gave it a try earlier this week. The results, unfortunately, were again mixed.

Immediately upon opening, I didn't think this one was drinkable. Tasted like wine filtered through saw dust, with some tight tannins. But based on that previous experience, I set it aside for awhile just to see what might become of it. In fact, I set it aside until the next day. On the 2nd day, this one had evened out to the point I actually kind of liked it.There was still a significant oak accent, but it was muted. Likewise it was just smoother.

(To those of you looking closely, the picture to the right is of the 2000 because I'm actually on the road right now and didn't happen to take a picture of the 2001 earlier in the week.)

About $21 (Austin – Grapevine Market)
Big jammy Zin, once it opened up for a day. Not sure I'll be trying it again if I see it, but it always seems to offer and interesing experience.

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