Thursday, July 14, 2005

Peirano Estate Vineyards "The Other" 2003

2003 The Other

I’m just not keeping up with the wines lately. Here it’s been days and I haven’t posted about the various wines I’ve had this week. The weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy too so who knows when, not to mention what, I’ll be able to post about.

Anyway, regardless, this wine is called “The Other” and was a really interesting wine. I was wandering through the mountains of wine they have at Central Market here in Austin (off Lamar) and this one caught my eye. It’s an eye catching kind of label just in general, but it was also on the big wall of featured wines. The other thing I noted was the interesting blend of grapes and the the Lodi, California winery location. If you’ve read these notes before, that area is a particular interest of late.

The blend is of 70% Syrah (“This”), 20% Petite Sirah (“That”) and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon (“The Other”). So now you know where the name comes from.

I drank this over two nights and I’ll have to say I enjoyed much better the 2nd night. It was smoother and had a deeper black cherry flavor on the 2nd day. In my initial notes, it was all over the map. There was raspberry, cherry and even strawberry flavors, with a significant note of cedar box. In fact, initially, the taste was maybe just a little odd for me. Made me think that’s how they came up with the name. Otherworldly. In the end, I kind of liked it though. 

About $16 (Austin – Central Market HEB, if memory serves, although it’s $18 on the Peirano web site).
 give it a chance, and it might yield some black cherry and interesting cedar notes.

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