Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hogue Genesis Viognier 2002

2002 Hogue Genesis

Bradley over at Wine & Vine BC was kind enough to email me not too long ago and recommend I try some Washington state Viognier. This was after my recent post on the Jean Michel Gerin I’d had not long ago and that he had apparently also had. And so, I made a mental note to look for some other Viognier – and from Washington if I could find it.

The fact is though, I haven’t really run across much. In general, Viognier doesn’t really get much shelf space around here. At Grapevine market I ran across two from the west coast of the US. This one and one from California that I will post about on another day.

So while I was able to find only two Viognier, there is at least two full aisles of Calif Chardonnay at Grapevine market. Hmm, what do you think is more popular?

I ran across the following article online and it seemed like “Roland” had a good grasp on this varietal. (That web site doesn’t otherwise seem to be kept all that up-to-date.)

I enjoyed this wine, but it did not have quite the same depth and intense taste & aroma as the Jean Michel Gerin. This one was light, with a crisp mineral finish. It definitely had an outdoorsy, almost meadow-like aroma. Not quite earthy though. The winery’s tasting notes for the ‘03 are online here. They seem to have experienced something a lot more interesting than I did with my 2002. So, I will give the Hogue another chance when I see it again.

About $15
 fresh meadow, light crisp mineral finish.

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At 4:59 PM, Blogger Bradley Cooper, Winemaker said...

We actually trialed this wine when I was serving my sentence at Mount Baker Vineyards back in 02-03. We received some Viognier that year and made what I thought was a great drop. Owner liked it so much he used it to up-tweak all the coast-grown varietals that were lacking aromatics. It was our least favourite from the panel. Sorry I don't have other titles for you to check. My notes are missing.


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