Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Eat, Drink, Dine

Update: I emailed the contact mentioned at this site per the terms of use but the email bounced. Nobody there by that name (helen.mcbrearty@diageo.com). Anyway, the site stills seems to offer some good information.

I happened across a web site today that's probably been around awhile but it was new to me. As far as food & wine pairings go, it does perhaps the best job of presenting and navigating the possibilities that I've seen on the web. I would link to it, but oddly enough, if you actually read the fine print in the 'terms and conditions' of the web site it does not allow links to their site without prior written consent. Seems a little restrictive. Anyway, I don't feel like doing that at the moment, so you can manually string the words in the title of this post together and add a ".com" and check it out.

(A quick google search reveals there are a variety of links to the page. I wonder if they all got the written consent?)


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