Friday, April 29, 2005

Saint Clair Marlborough 2004 Sauvignon Blanc

St ClairHoly smokes, it was hot today. It’s just too early for this 90 degree reminder that summer is just about upon us here. Time to reach for something cool and crisp.

With two other New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc postings in the last month (Kim Crawford and Highfield Estate) it should be readily apparent that I like the refreshing taste of these wines.

The Saint Clair is pretty true to the form. It grabbed me immediately with some tart citrus flavors of lemon/lime and finished up with just a bit of green pepper.

If pressed to compare this with the other two I’ve mentioned above, I liked them all, but this one just seemed to be a bit more citrusy tart than the others.

This wine is in Saint Clair’s “Premium” range of wines. It sits squarely between two other product lines, the “Reserve” range and the “Vicar’s Choice” range. Each range has a Sauvignon Blanc in them. I have seen neither of these other two locally but will keep an eye peeled for one of them to compare.

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About $12 to $14 if memory serves.
 Crisp and refreshing. Very good.


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