Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2004

Kim CrawfordIn March, I posted about the Highfield Estate Sauvignon Blanc and an article that appeared in the WSJ about New Zealand wines. That article also highlighted Kim Crawford 2004 Sauvignon Blanc as one of their favorites. I had one cooling and just had to pull it out this evening.

When the weather gets over 80 degrees like it has today I love to pull out a cool, crisp Sauvignon Blanc like this one. It really hits the spot. In fact, today’s weather really couldn’t get any better. 84 degrees and 15% humidity. Wow, I hope you got outside! Thankfully I was able to get out today. It’s one of those days you put the top down and drive home the long way. These are the kind of days that convertibles and Sauvignon Blanc were made for.

By the way, I promise to stop writing about how nice the weather is here right now. I really do. But despite the fact that it snowed a foot in Denver this past weekend and was frosty in Glen Ellen this morning, I know you’ll soon be enjoying the same. Get outside and have some of this when you do.

About $16, at HEB grocery in Austin
crisp and citrusy. Nice aroma and taste of grapefruit and lemons. Nicely balanced and not overwhelmingly tart or herbaceous. I’m definitely going back for more of this.


At 9:13 PM, Blogger Amy said...

(I'm just now reading some of your earlier entries.)

I love the Kim Crawford SB and can sometimes get it at World Market for slightly less.

Even more, I love Dottie and John's approach to wine and usually find that their opinions are similar to mine. If you haven't read their book Love By the Glass, I highly recommend it.

At 9:50 PM, Blogger chas said...

It's really funny you should post this comment tonight. I just happened to be sitting here having a glass of the 2005 Kim Crawford SB! Pretty weird. Anyway, watch for a post about it soon.


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