Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Night Fights! The Night Goes to Big Ass Cab

Big Ass Cab“Friday Night Fights” are back on over at Grape Vine Market in Austin. I missed last week’s and since they don’t do that well at promoting when they’re going to be doing these I just never know when to expect them.

The Friday Night Fights are blind tastings of a particular type of wine. The match-ups are done in brackets, much like the NCAA basketball tournament. When a wine wins a given Friday, it goes on to compete again against other winners from some other Friday. The wines are always $20 or less.

The current fights are against Napa California Cabernets. This week’s contenders (in order of tasting) were:

A.Big Ass Cab 2002 Cab $16.99
B.Ramsay 2001 Cab $14.99
C.Thomas Halby Cab $16.49
D.Aquinas Cab $11.29
In our little group, there were five of us tasting these. Out of our group, four of us chose “A” (Remember, this was a blind tasting so this one didn’t win just on its winning label or name.) One of our group wanted to be contrary and chose “C” as the winner. The rest of us thought he was nuts.

When the names were revealed we got a bit of a chuckle. This label is really great. A quick google search reveals that this wine had a nice write-up over on the Vinography blog back in January. Check it out.

When the scores from previous tasters this evening were revealed, it was clear it was no contest overall. Big Ass Cab was beating the competition by a huge (ass) margin.

For the price, I thought the Aquinas (D) was a good value. By far the loser of the group was B, the Ramsay 2001. The reactions from all four in our group were immediate and unequivocal. No nose and just a flat taste compared to the others.

$16.99 at Grape Vine Market (Austin)
like the name and label suggests, she’s plump and juicy! Grab a couple. Not only will this make a great wine to break the ice at a party, it’ll taste good too!


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