Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Better Merlot: Pine Ridge 2000 Merlot, Napa Valley Crimson Creek

Pine Ridge MerlotI posted on Monday about a Merlot. It was a bit disappointing. So I couldn’t finish the week up without digging up a Merlot I knew I would like better.

I first had Pine Ridge Merlot as part of a wine flight at Trulucks restaurant here in Austin. I like Trulucks for their food, but also because they have quite a large wine list and more importantly, as far as I’m concerned, they offer a large selection of wines by the glass. Anyway, it turned out to be a favorite from that wine flight and so I sought it out for purchase later. This particular bottle for tonight’s tasting was actually a gift last August. It’s been awhile since I bought one before that, so I can’t remember the price exactly. I remember it being mid to upper $20’s.

This wine was memorable enough that when I had the opportunity almost a year ago this month, I visited the Pine Ridge winery in Napa. They have an excellent ‘demonstration vineyard’ right off the parking lot. They also have some interesting barrel aging caves that they apparently let you tour unaccompanied at one point. That’s no longer the case, but they still give accompanied tours.

This wine’s really enjoyable to drink. Easily quaffable and a wonderful finish. You can read more about it at the winery’s web site. The press seems to like it too.

Very good!


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