Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wine Lists & The Austin Chronicle Restaurant Poll

If you live in or at least frequently visit Austin restaurants, go vote at the annual Chronicle restaurant poll. It's about to end this coming weekend (25th). I left plenty of the entry fields blank. I just don't know where to find the best Dim Sum or Taqueria, for example. But I did fill in the field for "Best Wine List". Though, that's kind of a tough one. How about if I just say "Favorite" rather than "Best".

For favorite, the nod would probably have to go to Castle Hill. It may not be the largest list, but I like their general philosophy to "offer the best wine available and the best values of the various regions and varietals at affordable prices". You can always find something nice to compliment your meal and it typically doesn't set you back an arm and a leg. I don't recall the fee, but I know you can also bring a bottle of your own along if you're so inclined.

A close 2nd favorite would be Mirabelle. And I say 2nd only because I'm biased by the fact that I think I like going to Castle Hill slightly more than Mirabelle. Though both have very good food. Both of these restaurant's web pages claim the same wine buyer, Michael Vilim. In fact, the same exact sentences appear on both their web sites. It should be no surprise there's some similar lineage between these two places. Mirabelle claims to have won the Chronicle's wine list poll for 4 years in a row so I'll be curious to see if they hang on for a 5th.


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