Saturday, April 16, 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different - Juniper Mountain Honey Wine from Redstone Meadery

Redstone was recently in Boulder Colorado. While there, she ran into an interesting little place producing some very cool honey wines – meade. The place was called the RedStone Meadery and she brought back one of their meades called “Honey Wine with Juniper Berries”. You might be hard pressed to find this unless you are in Boulder. But it can be ordered online. Although, from checking out the Colorado Wines site it appears there are a few other places there that are doing meades. In fact, there appear to be far more Colorado wineries in general than I would have imagined. Based on the “catch the buzz” marketing, I think Redstone would like us to think that a new appreciation for meade is sweeping the nation.

Served chilled, it’s not surprisingly a light honey colored wine. And it has a wonderful aroma of honey. It conjured up images of being in a big field of clover. Any hint of Juniper berries was very subtle. Great after dinner sipping. 

About $20, for a liter bottle
 very nice, honeysuckle and sweetness.


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