Sunday, August 21, 2005

Treana White 2001

2001 Treana White

I’ve fallen behind once again with keeping up my blog. The last couple weeks have been increasingly busy with a project I’ve been working. This week will be more of the same. Some long hours. But, I have gotten time to try a few interesting wines along the way so thought I would jot a few notes.

I happened to be in for a Saturday afternoon tasting at Grapevine Mkt a few weeks ago. They were doing some Liberty School and Treana wines. The Treana labeled blends are a much better bet than the Liberty School wines in my humble opinion. Both the 2001 white and the 2001 red are excellent. They were tasting both the red and the white that afternoon. Unfortunately, they’re none too cheap. The 2001 red goes for around $45 now. (Price increase this year.) The white comes in at $27. At those prices, they generally fall out of the ‘everyday’ category, but the white fit so well with my recent summer white exploration that I went ahead and got a bottle. 

If you check recent posts here, you’ll find several Viogniers. This wine is 61% Viognier with the rest being Marsanne. The wine is the color of golden straw. It has a buttery mouth feel and big floral aroma. It’s got a crisp acidity to it as well with some complex lingering flavors to it, leading with some pear and honeydew melon.  

Around $27 (found at GrapeVine Mkt)
 excellent. I think I may have liked the recently tried Conundrum just a tad better, but for the most part it’s too close to call. Maybe I should try another of both just to be sure … :-)

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