Monday, February 20, 2006

Some juicy reds... a Vino 100 Tasting

Just a few more quick notes today… A couple weeks ago I posted about Vino 100 out at Lakeway for WBW 18, but never got around to following up on some of the wines I tasted there at an evening tasting of Zins and Petite Sirah.

Tasting a collection of similar wines like this is a lot of fun. You really get some interesting distinctions between the wines, and comparing them is the best part of it. All of these were good wines. I mean, it’s a “class” after all and Nat – the wine guy there – has gone out of his way to find some interesting things. My glass “ratings” below, therefore, are largely an indication of which of them I found to be the most appealing to me on that evening. In fact, they were all appealing in some way. For example, I liked “The Monster” as well, but just not as much as the others. I did have some favorites though. Read on…

Marr Cellars “Cuvee Patrick” Petite Sirah 2001
 Light ruby red with an aroma of cigar box and a taste of candied fruit – plums/prunes – and spice. Their web site says retails for $13, but Nat had indicated it was around $20.
August Briggs Petite Sirah 2002
 A very dark red wine that was much softer and juicier than the first. Round blackberry fruit. Around $45 according to Nat. I like this wine, but behind the tasting of the previous wine, this one seemed perhaps just a little flacid.
Amici “Panek Vineyard” Zinfandel 2002
 This wine showed as lighter in color than the previous and yet had deep blackberry and boysenberry flavors. More structure and tannins than either of the first two. Web site says $30 retail. Nat told us $54. I’m beginning to think Nat’s charging too much. :-)
Segesio Family Vineyard Zinfandel 2003
 Notes of cherry, violets and rose water. Soft and not too structured. Just a very slight rubbery scent on the nose as well. Around $36.
Norman Vineyards “The Monster” Zinfandel 2003
 Some tart cherries, violets and spice with more structure than the previously tasted wine, but still, a light Pinot Noir. Around $50.

The price of the tasting was $35.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Gather" for wine...

The wine tagged postings over at could have some interesting potential.'s only been around for a month. Have to watch it and see how it develops, but I'm not sure I see a significant advantage over existing ways to build similar content.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Posting again...

My posts have been few and far between lately. Lots of factors I suppose. Not the least of which is just a certain introspection as to whether I continue to enjoy taking the time to jot notes and thoughts. Yes, though, I do actually like doing this and reconfirmed that again in a discussion with a friend today at lunch. Trouble is, it can be hard finding time at the end of an otherwise busy day. I won’t get into it here… ask me some time though what I do for a living.  


WBW 19 announced

I see that Wine Blogging Wednesday number 19 has been announced. “When in Rhone”. Hosted by WineExpression. Looks to be a good one. The last WBW was interesting, but I much prefer the ones where we pick (and taste) a wine. Stay tuned for March 8th and something tasty.

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