Sunday, January 22, 2006

Trentadue Old Patch Red 2003 Sonoma County Red wine

2003 Trentadue

Tonight I wanted a red wine to go along with a steak - a filet, hand-rubbed with some stuff I got from the Perini Ranch Steakhouse. The Trentadue “Old Patch Red” turned out to be more than a match.

Wish my photography was as much a match. The colors are a little off. Sorry. But then, the unnatural lighting in this room at this time of the evening isn’t perfect.

This wine is a blend of mostly Zinfandel (68%) along with Carignane, Sangiovese and Petite Sirah. The color is an opaque deep ruby red. It has a jammy dark berry taste and a long finish. It has some tongue dragging, mouth gripping tannins that paired up really well with the steak. After opening up a bit, there was a definite note of cherry.

$20, Vino 100, Lakeway
 turned out to be an excellent choice along with beef. I’m liking it a lot! Nicely structured, rich dark berry tasted with a long finish. Drinkable now, but could stand to age a couple years.

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At 2:25 PM, Blogger jackswineguy said...

I thought this wine was flabby at best, no structure, either tannic nor acidic, I have enjoyed this wine in the past, however this vintage is far from what this producer usually brings to market

At 10:20 PM, Blogger chas said...

That's interesting that you would comment on this tonight. I enjoyed a tasting tonight with a group of people of Petite Syrahs and Zins - and as it turned out this wine was among them. There was no concensus and my notes here could generally be considered more enthusiastic than average among the group. I didn't personally find it flabby, nor did most of the group, but there were at least one other that would have likely agreed with you. He didn't find enough structure for his taste. Personally, it hung together well enough that I liked it.


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