Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WBW #13 - wine & chocolate


Well, I must admit I really didn’t have time to arrange for a cake for this month’s WBW. The request was to pair up wine with some chocolate cake. Hmm, well, and I’m not much of a chocolate cake eater in general, so I’ve bent the rules and simply enjoyed the kind of chocolate I like.

My chocolate of choice, and one I usually have a ready supply of, is some Belgian chocolate by NewTree called Vigor. It’s chocolate made with coffee – what could be better!? Today in honor of WBW#13, I paired it up with some Taylor’s Tawny Port. Considering I’d never tried these together before, I must say they paired excellently. After the fact while linking to the Taylor’s web site, I see they recommend this port with ‘dishes made with coffee’. Coffee-infused chocolate – even better!

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