Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Texas Hill Country profiled in Wine Spectator

Prickly PearI’ve made more than a few posts about Texas wines or wineries here and while I don’t want to drone on about it, I thought I’d just make a note that the June Wine Spectator cover story is on Wine Country travel and it includes a section on Texas – specifically in/around Fredericksburg. It also includes profiles of New York, Oregon, Virginia and of course, California (in this case San Luis Obispo area).

By no means are the articles comprehensive. In fact the TX article only mentions two Hill Country wineries, along with a few restaurants and wine bars. So go here for more info on other TX wineries.

The picture above is of a couple Prickly Pear cactus flowers. They’re going crazy in central Texas right now. I took the picture this weekend while hiking at St Edwards park in NW Austin. The Prickly Pear display of flowers this year is much better than average.


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