Saturday, May 14, 2005 Executives Discuss Supreme Court Wine Distribution Cases

While the upcoming supreme court ruling on direct wine shipment now seems to be mostly a moot point for wine consumers here in Texas (although surely not its wineries), I must admit to being confused by this press release by the folks at In it, CEO George Garrick is quoted as saying "The strict state-by-state regulations on retailer direct shipments will remain in effect regardless of the rulings." Unfortunately the press release fails to go on to explain what he means by that. In fact, most of the articles I've read on the subject don't really explain this subject too well. My assumption has been that it will open the door for wineries to sell into all the states just in the same way that it was recently opened by the state of Texas - effectively taking the decision out of the hands of the states.

If anyone knows of reasonably good online summary of what the pending court case actually implies, please post a comment. My bit of googling on it didn't turn up a good one.


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